Why I’m Giving up on Trying to Always Function as Fun Mother

I took my children to the children’s museum, but my concern was about the germs my kids will have contact with. I have seen the study that children’s museums may harbor a number of the nastiest bacteria, but being have never asserted to this, I do not have enough evidence. So on this day, I was especially excited to take them out. Inside the significant museum amphitheater, a wrestling-themed anniversary party was occurring. And being the door was not closed I briefly took a peek inside.

I rarely use this phrase, but it had been magnificent. The whole, an arena was decorated to the perfection. There were brawling rings set up, fake sparkling straps curved on the wall along with grown-ups in Hulk Hogan costumes. There was an old-looking “wrestling game” poster with all the lucky birthday kids’ face on it. to any mother who was there would have agreed with me that the entire event was well orchestrated that you would have to appreciate those who organized.

Am unable to organize her such kind of party, and here is why; I love to have fun, but that I also have pretty incapacitating social anxiety. Being in a multitude makes me uncomfortable. Her dad meanwhile is someone who loves such type of thing. A theatre whizz in high school, he can manage any sort stage. He would host a magic unicorn soiree on peak of the Empire State Building or such birthday parties where people ware hulk hogan costumes at a heartbeat.

While my nervousness is just a part of the problem, truth be told, there is another reason I am not capable of becoming the “enjoyable” mother. I can’t keep up in arranging birthday parties together with Hulk Hogan costumes or inside an exhibition hall. But I do not see a reason as to why I cannot throw the best birthday party our small city has ever seen, and a similar one like the one I saw people wearing Hulk Hogan costumes. But the only hindrance is that I will be stuck with colossal expenses that can lead misappropriating my savings.

Conversely, by relieving myself of this heaviness to throw a celebration that leaves people talking for months, I am taking that energy to somewhere it will be worthwhile. I am leaning into motherhood full-time. I am showering them with the love, memories and care that they require at this point in their own lives.

My daughter’s birthday is coming soon and I am still not certain what we will do for her. We might prepare the sprinkler in the garden and allow her buddies splash themselves with lots of fun. Or, we may organize one similar to the museum where children could opt to wear Hulk Hogan costumes to make it more memorable.