Situations When The Services Of A DUI Lawyer Will Be Essential

If you find yourself among the one million drivers arrested for DUI; you will be frightened by the possible consequences. You might be worried about what conviction will mean to you, but at such a situation a DUI lawyer will be of great assistance. There isn’t the need for you to battle the DUI charges alone as it will only make you stressed when you could have a DUI attorney who can battle on your behalf to have charges reduced or dropped. Here are situations where you need to call a lawyer.

When you aren’t sure about why you have been pulled over, consider a DUI lawyer considering that police must establish the probable cause before arresting you. If the police stopped you randomly without any reasonable suspicion, you can have the DUI lawyer to argue that police didn’t have reasonable cause and they just stopped you randomly. When a judge agrees, the evidence collected during your arrest might be thrown out including breathalyzer results, sobriety test results, and information which you provided at the given time.

If some questions touch on the chemical testing or field testing; the DUI lawyer can also argue to help throw out the evidence when they prove that the tests weren’t conducted rightly. For chemical testing, the lawyer can also help fight against evidence from chemical testing if the technicians did not correctly calculate BAC levels or when they used faulty equipment.

You might also need access to your car, but after a DUI arrest one loses their driver’s license. In some states, restricted licenses are provided for individuals charged with DUI and when applying for one; your lawyer will be resourceful. There are conditions that you will have to agree to such as having the vehicle installed with an ignition interlocking device.

Cost is another reason why you need to hire the DUI lawyers considering that facing DUI charges even for the first time may cost more than ,000 as fees or fines. The cost is even higher if it isn’t the first time that one faces DUI charges or when one is found to have high BAC levels, but the services of a DUI lawyer helps one to pay a reduced cost when the charges are reduced or dropped.

When you want to know about your rights, consult attorneys such as Reeves and Lyle, LLC who offer you free consultation giving you the chance to share your story before agreeing to work with them.