The Work of Janitorial Services

Individuals or companies hire janitors to clean residential homes which are large and other commercial buildings.

The other names for janitors are caretaker, cleaner, porter, custodian and a female is called as janitors and these people assist in cleaning residential accommodations, schools, hospitals and they also maintain buildings.

The janitors provide security duties and maintenance and other duties may include managerial duties but cleaning is the usual services that are outsourced by many people but the work that janitors do is usually indoors but there are cases where outdoor cleaning may be done.

Janitors may shovel snow, mow lawns, and sweep the walkways and in numerous occasions the work may be separated and varied and this involves in individuals getting to hire dissimilar sort of workers to do the numerous work.

The janitors work is very demanding physically and in most cases it is nasty and dirty and the normal duties entails in restocking and cleaning urinals, toilets and sinks.

The janitors removes vomit and faeces from public areas, sanitization, litter picking, crime scene cleaning, cleaning and waiting the floors, locking and unlocking buildings at the end and beginning of the day, emptying trash and recycle bins, cleaning tables in meeting rooms and cubicles, cleaning stainless steel and cleaning carpets.

They mop the floors as well as polishing, sweeping and mopping and clearing garbage bins and they assist in restocking the paper products including feminine products and air fresheners.

There are some staff janitors who do other kinds of duties such as dusting furniture and computer equipment, cleaning refrigerators, sinks, clearing garbage bins and recycling bins, cleaning office kitchens, toasters and microwaves and they also assist in watering plants as well as pruning in the landscape.

The cleaning tasks are in nature defined for the janitors in what role they may play in whatever location and it is in many cases defined in an agreement but many organizations outsource the janitors so as to save some money in doing so.

Some janitors are trained to do various kinds of cleaning work and they use gears and tools which are relevant to the work they do and in some cases there is need to have special janitors who have some special training in other fields such as raising the flag of a school.

Janitors might assist in tending to the flowers outside the building but others are hired to clean homes where carpets, floors and the kitchens may need to be cleaned and polished.

There are some janitors who do not work for any company and they offer their services to individuals and do cleaning of homes at an agreed fee.

Janitors are well versed in many areas of cleaning and they assist home owners to do all kinds of cleaning at an agreed fee.

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